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About Muhammad Zaheer Nazir

Muhammad Zaheer Nazir

Muhammad Zaheer Nazir

Zaheer is Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect and SharePoint Admin/Developer, he have worked in a number of technologies over the years ranging from, Java,, MVC and .net Core to WCF, WebApi to name of few, developing Financial Solutions to Integrating systems to stream line business processes and have achieved recognition of his work as well as perfected the skills like Analysis, Design, Planning, software architecture and mastered controlled execution  to deliver the best possible results effectively and efficiently.

Zaheer is also Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Cloud Platform and Infrastructure and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer App Builder (*Charter Member) to name a few, he have 10+ certifications to his name and have achieved second position in programming competition. Zaheer is not only active in pursuing his dreams but also known as MR. Strong and have won Arm Wrestling Championship as well.

He is also mentor to many persons and always pushed everybody around him to be their best and believe in lead by example philosophy. He is also a strong advocate of “Change Starts with One Man and that is You”.


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Twitter: @scientistzz 

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